Үндістаннан Olymp Trade-ге ақша салыңыз

Үндістаннан Olymp Trade-ге ақша салыңыз
Үндістанда трейдер депозит жасаудың қандай әдісін қолдануы керек? Банктік төлем әдістері, электронды төлем жүйелері және тіпті биткоин аударымдары – трейдерлер осы опцияларды Olymp Trade шоттарын толтыру үшін пайдалана алады. Ең танымал әдістер осы мақалада қарастырылады.

Olymp Trade платформасы әлемнің ондаған елдерінің пайдаланушыларына қол жетімді. Әрбір аймақта банктік карталарды (Visa/MasterCard), сондай-ақ электрондық төлем жүйелерін қоса алғанда, сіздің шотыңызға/шотыңызға ақша салуға және алуға болатын төлем әдістерінің өзіндік жиынтығы бар. Бұл мақалада сіз Үндістанда сауда жасасаңыз, ақшаны қалай салу және алу туралы ақпарат береді.

How Сan You Deposit your Olymp Trade Account in India?

Today, traders can use 9 payment methods when they want to make a deposit or funds withdrawal. All of these methods are safe and well-known. We recommend using several methods to have a fallback option.
Minimum deposit/withdrawal amount Method type
Bank cards (Visa/Mastercard) $10 Bank transfer from a card
Skrill $10 Electronic payment system
Neteller $10 Electronic payment system
WebMoney $10 Electronic payment system
Net banking $10 Bank transfer
UPI $10 Instant real-time payment system facilitating inter-bank transactions
AstroPay Card $10 Virtual bank card issuing
GlobePay $50 Electronic payment system
Bitcoin $40 Cryptocurrency

How Do I Deposit My Olymp Trade Account via Skrill?

Skrill is an international payment system. To deposit into your account, follow the steps below:
  • Step 1: Log in.
  • Step 2: Deposit into your Skrill wallet. At the same time, you can use bank cards, cryptocurrency, any other electronic system (for example, Neteller), or transfer funds from your bank account.
  • Step 3: Complete the depositing process via Skrill.

How Do I Deposit my Olymp Trade account via Neteller?

Neteller is another popular payment system. The main benefit of Neteller and Skrill is the ease of use. Users take the same steps when they top up through Neteller or Skrill:
  • Step 1: Register your Neteller wallet.
  • Step 2: Deposit via a bank transfer, credit card, bitcoin, or other electronic systems.
  • Step 3: Deposit your Olymp Trade account via Neteller

Visa/Mastercard Bank Cards

Visa and Mastercard bank cards are the most popular method of making a deposit and withdrawing funds into/from your Olymp Trade account. To use it, you must have a valid bank card. Make sure there are enough funds to deposit the platform account. The minimum deposit or withdrawal amount is $10.
  • Step 1: Click “Deposit.” Select the “Bank Cards” method, and enter the deposit amount. If the amount exceeds $30, you can receive an additional bonus.
Үндістаннан Olymp Trade-ге ақша салыңыз
  • Step 2: Enter our bank card details: its number, CVV code, cardholder name (exactly as it appears on the card), and expiration date.
Үндістаннан Olymp Trade-ге ақша салыңыз
  • Step 3: If you provide the correct information, you will be redirected to the payment confirmation page. After that, the money will go to your Olymp Trade account.
You can make a withdrawal request in the user profile. You will be prompted to transfer funds to the card you have already used.

Cant Deposit Your Olymp Trade Account with a Bank Card in India?

Problems can arise due to reasons beyond the control of the trading platform. In such a situation, we recommend:
  • Try again later.
  • Please contact the issuing bank to clarify the reason for this error.
  • Or contact Support. The specialists will help you.
You can also use universal payment systems such as Skrill or Neteller:
  • Sign up for one of these systems. Along with an account, you create a digital wallet.
  • Top up your wallet with your credit card.
  • Transfer money from the electronic payment system to the trading platform.

I want to Deposit Olymp Trade from a Bank Account. How Can I Do It?

If you use online banking services, you can use Net Banking. In this case, you will need to do the following:
  • Select “Net Banking” on the platform
  • Enter personal data (first name, last name, phone number), and the deposit amount.
  • A list of available banks will appear. Choose your option.
  • You will be redirected to the bank website. Log in and complete the transfer.
Үндістаннан Olymp Trade-ге ақша салыңыз

Promo Codes and Bonuses for Topping Up the Account

Regardless of the chosen method, you can use a promo code to receive a bonus and other benefits.
Үндістаннан Olymp Trade-ге ақша салыңыз
Another way to get a bonus is by using a promo code when depositing funds into your account. If you have such a code, don’t forget to enter it in the corresponding field.
Үндістаннан Olymp Trade-ге ақша салыңыз

The Complete List of Methods for Making a Deposit on Olymp Trade from India

The number of payment systems in use has constantly been growing. The up-to-date list is always available in the Deposit menu.
Үндістаннан Olymp Trade-ге ақша салыңыз
Үндістаннан Olymp Trade-ге ақша салыңыз
If you have any questions concerning depositing and withdrawal of funds into/from the platform, contact the Support Service. They will help you.
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